Monday, February 20, 2006

Auxilary Components Pt2

When using the interior navigation system for supermarkets, the navigation aid provides only basic infomation such as aisle location, and infomation like "You are now at the baked beans section" is provided, But this because this system operates on a less than totaly accurate location system it cannot provide detail information about individual types of products at a location ie Heinz vs HP beans. To get around this some form of short range identification device that can connect to the navigation system was needed.

Initially RF tagging, was considered but this was outright deemed too expensive and problamatic because of the close proximity.

After some discussion it was realised that there was a system already in place that could deal with this problem, in the form of a barcode scanner. Which only adaption that would be required was the conversion from text output to audio output which could be handled by the device brain. The only really major issue here was data storage of the information regarding every product, as a business is not likely to reveal this information in any easily accessible form because of a competition, the barcode reader would have to be able to accept some form of seperate data storage device, which could be given out by staff when visiting a store then returned at the end of the visit, idealy flash memory is best for this type of data transfer. This also gives the advantage of the device been designed primarily for our system and been generic at the same time.


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