Monday, February 06, 2006

Other HCI: How handy is that hand?

Being, a gamer at the core I tend to use alot of input device's with a computer, keyboard, mouse, joystick, gamepad, headset with mic, and some more specialised gaming devices like the nostromo speed pad
Now at first glace you'll just think another physical input device (excluding the headset) they just appear to be normal direct input devices, but take a second try that joystick or mouse in the opposit hand to normal, how confortable does it feel. With quite alot of products it will feel rather arkward using them this way, but most left handed users have to put up with this problem with higher grade equipment, fortunately in areas where group computing facilities are available, equipment tends to be hand independant(not sure if thats the right phrase there) and generic so problems don't really occur, especially as the keyboard tends to be generic bydefault. But these generic products pale in comparison to the quality of their right hand only counterparts, a serious design oversight in modern times.

Now though other devices are used for games input through out the community, most experienced gamers tend to stick with a keyboard and mouse, why?, well they're so highly adapative devices to everyform of gaming enviroment that can be encounter, and tend force generic traits across control setup of games, most noticable is the WASD, this has almost become an iconic image for gaming, 4 key's that are most commonly used for movement within games no matter the genere or style of play.


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