Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Help! We need some bodies

One of THE most difficult parts of this project has been finding people to help us design it, now its proving even harder to find people to help is evaluate it!. If you know anyone that could help it would be appreciated if you could send them our way!


At 28 March, 2006 10:44, Blogger ToxicFire said...

This was actually discussed by mark and me with russel in one of the lecture's in that the testing doesn't have to be completely be on visually impaired users but that we could have used blindfolder people to gain the perspective of on how someone not used to visual impairment would cope with such a device, ie the raw ability of it to guide someone rather than someone thats used to guiding themselves already without the aid of the device.

At 28 March, 2006 10:58, Blogger Daniel Trimm said...

In reply to the above post, yes it could have but as we discussed I felt best to rule this out because we would never get the feedback we needed as there is a key difference between someone who is temporarily blinded for a few minutes and has no previous experience of being blind and someone who has to live in a blind world day in, day out. The feedback we would have received would have been different for both groups due to blind people already having a strong knowledge of their limitations, something the former group lack and thus a blind persons feedback would be more appropriate as they could better identify the real issues that exist in the system.

As for blind folding people as a whole, we would have experienced the same lack of particpants problem that we did with blind people. Other groups have struggled to get people to complete an online interactive questionnaire and we were asking a lot more than this! Using us as guinea pigs would have been a hindrance to testing, we knew too much.


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