Thursday, March 16, 2006

RFID virus concerns

The BBC is running a report on its technology site about RFID tag viruses. The report describes how some RFID tags, with their embedded microprocessors, could be used to run malicious code and spread via radio to other nearby tags, and so on.

Of course, being aimed at the non-technically-literate, the report warns of the impending doom of an uprising of new breeds of mutated virii (or 'viruses' as the BBC calls them) - in a similar way to the mutating H5N1 human-bird-flu pandemic that we're all supposed to be expecting - that will cause havoc across the nation.. when in reality, the original research was actually an attempt to warn RFID makers to secure up their systems.

Still, now that RFID tags are back on the cards for our system, it would be worth bearing in mind that with current less-secure tags, you may not always be able to trust the data that you're receiving from them (and if you're blind and can't tell the difference between two items without the RFID being correct, this is a real problem).


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