Saturday, March 04, 2006

Communicating with local information points

In addition to my earlier post about information overlays, increasing amounts of localised information are being provided by local councils.

In Birmingham the WayFinder system is already in the testing stage to allow blind and partially-sighted users to retrieve spoken local information from devices installed on street furniture.

With our system, this local information could be not only spoken out of a loudspeaker, but funnelled via Bluetooth to the Brain and then to the Smart Headphone so the user can have a bit more privacy about their dealings.

Train stations and bus stops in Birmingham now give details of the next arrivals and their times, destinations, and future stops. Again this information could be sent to the Brain via bluetooth in a localised area around the bus stop or train platform so that the user can obtain this information, which is already present and displayed to sighted users, with very little modification or extra cost to existing systems.


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