Monday, February 20, 2006

Looks like we're in demand!

Just come across a great article by Damon Rose, the blind editor of the BBC Ouch! website for disabled users.

In it he talks about his false 'independence' when trying to find shops or pubs in town and how he has to go through a ritual of vulnerability when attempting to get passers-by to help him get around.

Of independence he writes:
We don't talk about it, we deliberately kick it to one side, but if we're left adrift on the street not knowing where we are for a small or long amount of time ... we could find ourselves in danger or at least very frustrated and tired at wandering around far longer than necessary. Hence when your victim is in range, holler "excuse me" and then leech every possible bit of goodwill.

And then later on:
Goodwill is out there. We undoubtedly need it in certain circumstances even now in 2006. It ain't clever, it ain't pretty, it doesn't do your self esteem many favours. But until there is a decent electronic navigation device made freely available, like the current GPS systems but preferably far better, then for visually impaired people at least we need to find our own way through.

Which I think nicely sums up that for at least one blind person our system should (hopefully) fill that need exactly.

I think we'll be attempting to get in touch with Damon for his thoughts once our prototyping is complete.


At 21 February, 2006 01:21, Blogger Daniel Trimm said...

maybe worth our while trying to include him in the design process


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